Big Cuban Ass

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Down here in Miami, the Cubans have a phrase: Culo Grande. It means “Big Ass.” Gentlemen, Samantha Bell definitely has a culo grande.

In this scene, Samantha wants to play with some balls. She shakes her ass over to a pool table where Rocky is already shooting a game. He offers her the cue. Then he offers her a lesson in how to hold the stick. Then he pulls her thong between her big ass cheeks and slams three fingers into her pink cunt. As she grabs his cock, she’s shaking her jelly-ass and making it ripple. Soon enough, Rocky has his dick buried in her pussy, making her cappuccino-colored ass quake with each thrust.

Rocky was in such a hurry to get inside Samantha, he didn’t even bother taking off her pink thong until halfway through their epic fuckfest. When she does finally lose her panties, it’s only so that she doesn’t get any hot cum on them.

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