Isabelle Duran


6 years ago

Isabelle Duran just turned nineteen and she’s filling in the curves quite nicely. A hard bodied college coed, she packs natural 34Ds and a round, curvy ass that would give the average man a heart attack. Her story is quite funny. She has a devout Catholic boyfriend who insists that they should only have sex when they get married. But Isabel isn’t the type of girl who’s willing to wait. She tried every trick in the book. She got him hammered one time but that didn’t work. She even drugged him with crack so she can get him to hump her. But to no avail. What can a horny slut do?

Her next-door neighbor, Julio, got wind of her predicament. He told Isabelle that we were in town. Julio — a superb porn aficionado that he is — knew about us and decided to put the two of us together in one room. After so much wrangling, Isabelle finally broke down and told us her sexual frustrations. We patted her in the back and slipped in our porno contract while tears were dribbling down her cheeks. After looking through that piece of paper, she beamed at us while unbuttoning her blouse! The game is on! Will Isabel finally get the porking she desperately needs? Will she ever trust us to deliver the goods? And will she put out? Go watch the movie and see!

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