Aria Lopez


6 years ago

Aria Lopez is a petite 19 yr old that the boss and Bruno found working at a clothing store. This first time babe is also a part time model and performs like a fucking sex diva in her debut performances. See her exclusively & Only on sites so if you dont have your All Access pass, upgrade or get it today!
The Boss and Bruno were shopping for some shirts in a men’s clothing store when this pretty young thing approached them. Dressed in conservative whites, she turned out to be the salesgirl who handled the brand they were checking out. Now this girl is nineteen and she is hot. But one thing they noticed that she was one snooty little bitch! She kept on criticizing Bruno’s choice of color and style. She then insisted on getting these tacky Bermuda shirts that looked like a drunk threw up on them. They needed to give this girl a lesson in humility and they think, they have an idea to do just that!

The Boss told her that she looks like a girl who’d like to earn a few extra dollars. He flashed her his big baby blues and smiled. The snooty slut smiled back and said she wasn’t a prostitute. Thinking quickly, Bruno came over and blurted out, "if you don’t come with us, I’ll report you to management for being a bitchy saleslady! And I will cause such a stink, you’ll be lucky collecting wire hangers in a laundry mat." And with that became the start of their sexual misadventures.

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