Apolonia Corleone


6 years ago

The Boss was so fond of this exotic eighteen year old that he christened her with a porn name: Apolonia Corleone. As a devout fan of the

Godfather movies, he reminded her of the ill fated Apollonia played by the bodacious Italian actress (but recently deceased) Simonetta Stefanelli. Her

character was Michael Corleone’s first wife who perished in a car bomb explosion. While her alias doesn’t seem to be a flattering one, our porn princess

never had a clue unless she watches the first movie. But why quibble? Our Apolonia is ready for some cinematic killing of her own. This hot slut is a bit of

a firecracker, hence the name. She fucks with passion and she makes you feel that she’s been lusting for her partner for a long time. She’s a fighter and a

trooper too! We tell her what to do and she does it with gusto. How’s that for malleable? Her handiwork has been impressive. She managed to suck cock so

unbelievably hard, we moan every time her cheeks fall inward on her mouth. She fucks like her life depended on it, with a zeal so amazing, no cocks will be

left dry after the money shot! No wonder the Boss is fond of her! She’s one mean ho! Enjoy her in action, guys, before this Apolonia meets the same fate as

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