Aaron Richards


6 years ago

Get your pussy claim here. Because hot Aaron is giving her pussy to the highest bidder! That is what the Boss did and boy, was he glad he

staked her when he had to! It all happened when TheBoss was hanging out in the VIP Section of Manhattan’s China Club. A bunch of models passed him by and you

know the Boss knows great pussy when he sees one. So he lays his bait and you wouldn’t guess who bites! And lucky guy that he is, the biggest fish gets

caught, hook, line and sinker. The biggest fish we’re talking about is the amazing Aaron Richards. There is so much animal magnetism going on with her that

you just can’t help getting a hard-on! This bitch is all heat and she knows it. But our crafty hero knows how to deal and he sets another trap for the bitch

so he can stake her claim. He wags a contract on her face and then asks her how well her modeling career is faring at the moment. She gives him the finger

and signs it immediately. She gave up the rights of her pussy for a whole wad of dough! We were giving the Boss high fives after getting this eighteen year

old bitch! She looks amazing in her shoot. As most models don’t like eating much, this ho is just ravenous for cock! We were worried that she might need

another stud to play with, but our guy sure held his own. Be sure to watch the end where our little Aaron gets herself splooged with nut juice and uses it to

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